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Exploring The Best Pattaya Nightclubs

Pattaya is world’s famous as a party destination, and when it comes to partying, nightclubs are always the perfect kind of venue to visit. There are many great nightclubs in Pattaya that scatter all over the city, but the best of them are mostly located along the Walking Street. These venues have been attracting party animals from all over the globe for many many years. Many of these clubs have state of the art lighting and audio systems, also they often have big name international DJs perform in these clubs.

The most common music genres being played in these clubs are R&B, hip-hop, trance, EDM and house. Some of the large clubs that have multiple rooms will play the full spectrum. Some of these clubs have attractive coyote dancers, but mostly Pattaya nightclubs are simply about having a great time and enjoying the music.

Mixx Discotheque

A fancy nightclub with glamorous design located in Bali Hai Plaza, this club is incredibly popular in Pattaya. It occupies a 900 sq meters area and has two rooms with different vibes. The first room has a luxurious and elegant design playing R&B and hip hop, and the second room has a funky-modern style playing house and trance. Most local and international DJs that are playing in this club are big names in the industry, that’s also what makes this nightclub extremely popular in Pattaya.

The Pier Disco Club

This is a high class venue with excellent interior design, sophisticated laser lights and sound system, giant LED screen, disco balls, and state of the art smoke machines. The local and international DJs in this club are usually playing house and trance music to the young crowd. Everyday this club is full of young party goers from all over the world, including high society locals.


Lucifer Disco TK

This venue is one of the oldest on Walking Street and very popular for being the best hip hop club in Pattaya. There are two areas inside this club, the front area and the inner area that have pretty much the same hell theme. The front area is simply a bar with relaxed atmosphere, while further inside you will find the main area where the party actually takes place. There you will find live hip hop groups playing with speakers twice as big as most of the party goers. Lucifer is certainly not the biggest club on Walking Street, but it definitely has a big name.

Candy Shop

In a glance, this club looks a bit like a family friendly beach club with big round sofas, fountains and palm trees decorating the exterior. But stepping in, you will quickly feel the party atmosphere. The first thing you see is probably the long central bar that’s impossible to miss, then you’ll find the busy dance floor with live hip hop or R&B band playing. The party floor is not really big so it could get crowded really quick, but usually it’s just the space around the stage, if you need to take a break from the party you can simply move back to the pool tables area.

Marine Disco

Said to be the original nightclub of Pattaya, Marine Disco has been around for decades and it’s still really popular amongst local and foreign party goers. Today this club is one of the most modern nightclubs you can fin in Pattaya with sophisticated sound system and state of the art lighting, plus bright huge LED screens. It doesn’t look like an old club at all. Usually playing EDM and house music, Marine Disco gets really crowded starting at around 1 am and it will stay that way until the sun comes out.

Gulliver’s Walking Street

If you enter the Walking Street from the Beach Road end, this might be the first nightclub that gets your attention. It has a very recognizable London Underground style neon sign, but strangely enough the name Gulliver itself is not so popular, most people know this club as the “Red Car Bar”, that’s because there’s a red Cadillac as part of the exterior that looks like it’s stuck to the wall. On the inside the club has a pub-style layout, with a long central bar and pool tables. This club usually has local DJs playing hip hop and R&B.

Club Insomnia

One of the busiest nightclubs in Pattaya, it has great light and sound systems, also small stages for the sexy coyote dancers. This club is getting really crowded after midnight especially on weekend nights. They often have special themed nights, making the parties more exciting in this sophisticated club.



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