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Looking For The Best Gogo Bar In Pattaya?

If you are new to Pattaya and you want to experience the excitement of its famous gogo bar, then you might be overwhelmed with the abundant choices you have. For partying in Pattaya, one location you have to visit is the Walking Street. This is where you can find just about every kind of nightlife venues and entertainment all in one place, including gogo bars.

There are more than 80 gogo bars on Walking Street, and that’s a lot of options, perhaps even too many. So it would be great if you have an overview or a guidance to help you choose a gogo bar where you can have a good time. Here are a few of the best gogo bars that are highly recommended when you visit Pattaya:

Airport Club – This gogo bar is never empty, every night it’s full of guests, but the good thing is that it’s never run out of girls, you can always find one to entertain you. As the name explains, Airport Club has an airport theme with the girls entertaining guests in sexy air hostess outfits. The center stage is the place for gogo dance performance, and there’s also the Jacuzzi and bathtub shows at the back, as well as a play stage where the girls usually present an erotic show. Around the play areas they provide comfortable seating and bar stools. Don’t just concentrate on the performers, the service girls in this venue are also beautiful and they are very friendly.

Pattaya nightlife
Pattaya nightlife


AngelWitch Rock Dancers – The most special thing about this club is that it has professional dancers with choreograph shows, unlike in many other gogo bars where the performers just need to look sensual and move however they want, the girls here can actually dance. The shows usually become more erotic later in the night, in between the dancers usually enter the stage dramatic style, like sliding down the poles or through overhead gantry. Even though the drinks are a bit more expensive than most of other gogo bars in the area, AngelWitch still worth a visit for its excellent shows.

Babydolls Agogo – Babydolls has terrific entertainment and has everything from loud and erotic to demure shows. During busy hours you might have to wait a bit for your drinks, but it’s still a good experience because the staff are really friendly. The girls have airline style uniforms that are sexy and eye catching. On the main stage there are some table dancing and gogo dance, while the more erotic actions take place in the Jacuzzi and play mat. This venue actually has some of the best shows on Walking Street, Pattaya.

Baccara Agogo – This club has two major areas, the lower floor and upper floor that offers different atmospheres. The lower floor has a huge stage with many dancers performing in bikinis. While the upper floor has a more interactive vibe with a fancy looking stage that has a glass floor. The girls upstairs also seem to be more friendly and generally cuter than the girls from downstairs.

Happy Agogo – Many people would say that Happy is the number one gogo bar in Pattaya, and it may be true. It’s always crowded, but they always manage to give great service to everyone, plus they have a lot of attractive girls ready to entertain you. Even though their dancers are really friendly, this venue is not as interactive as other bars. You may not have too much space to sit and chat with the lady you’re interacting with during busy hours, but still this is the place where you can get the best experience in Pattaya.

Heaven Above – This venue offers lots of pretty girls that are very friendly and also a lot of interaction. The main stage is a bit smaller than other top gogo bars in the area and there are also dancing stages in the customer area, then you can also find a smaller stage with a Jacuzzi where things get a little naughtier.

Peppermint – This is a large venue with a lot of things going on, it’s fun, loud, naughty, sexy, exciting and busy. It has great seating arrangement but you might have to struggle to find the best seating in the venue because it’s always full. It has a central stage where the main shows take place, and there is also a side stage and a cage. These shows are mostly topless performance, and if you still want more, they also have a topless bar and several table dance podiums.

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