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Pattaya Girls: The Jewels of Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya is a party destination. This exotic city is world- famous for its vibrant nightlife with rows of clubs, bars, discos, massage parlors and various other nightlife venues decorating its streets with bright, colorful neon lights. Walking Street is probably the busiest nightlife area in this city, it has everything from great disco, famous DJ, sexy entertainment and of course the beautiful Pattaya girls. Not only it is the center of nightlife entertainment in Pattaya, but in fact Walking Street is the main nightlife destination on the eastern seaboard of Thailand.

However, Pattaya nightlife is not just all about Walking Street, there are many other nightlife areas that offer different attractions and vibe. One thing for sure though, no matter where you decide to enjoy nightlife in Pattaya, you can always find attractive Pattaya girls that will make your night even more entertaining.

Now with so many great venues in Pattaya, what are the best spots to find beautiful Pattaya girls? As said above, Walking Street is not the only nightlife destination in Pattaya, but it’s always the best option for you to find all kinds of nightlife entertainment. Below are some of the most recommended venues on Walking Street to find great nightlife entertainment featuring attractive Pattaya girls:

What’s Up A-Go-Go

If you have an extra budget to spend, What’s Up A-Go-Go is a perfect place for you. This venue is known for being the most expensive club in the area. However, even though it’s more expensive than most clubs in Walking Street, this place is always full of partygoers. It has great layout, nice music and awesome shows performed by beautiful Pattaya girls. Located just a short distance down Soi 15, this place is really easy to spot with white exterior and a huge sparkling question mark. Sometimes it’s also called the What’s Up Playgirls or What’s Up Imagine Club.



The Iron Club Pattaya

Opened in 2009, The Iron Club Pattaya quickly became one of the most popular clubs on Walking Street with its super entertaining interactive shows. This club has a unique layout that puts you closer to the action when compared with any other clubs in the area. The place is quite narrow but very long, maybe that’s what makes the layout so unique. You will find a sequence of stages all the way through with seats being placed really close around them.


Located near Soi BJ next to Abe’s Bar, this place really stands out with its glass ceiling and beautiful black exterior with red crossing lines. Baccara has plenty of seating that provide clear views of the stage. It’s also popular for its happy hour draft beers.


It’s not as scary as its name, this go-go bar with a prison theme offers you an endless fun all night long. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous Pattaya girls giving you sexy performance involving handcuffs and faux- prison cells. If you need a place to host a private party with your friends, Alcatraz has a nice lounge upstairs that you can rent. Be there around 20:00-22:00 and you can enjoy special deals for draft beer.

Airport Club

With a sexy airplane theme, this place is always packed with party animals every single day. If a crowded club is not your favorite, then this might not be the right place for you, but if you like the crowd, then you will have a lot of fun in this place, especially if you’re looking for sexy entertainment.

Tips To Recognize Ladyboys

One of the biggest concerns of male tourists in Pattaya who are looking for local girls to have fun with or to be entertained is the ladyboys. These transgender entertainers are everywhere in Pattaya, but if you’re just looking for real girls, it could be an issue. So it would be helpful if you know how to recognize them, here are some useful tips:

Taller Than Most Girls – Usually ladyboys are taller than girls. Thai men are averagely about 4 inch taller than Thai women.

Too Feminine – As weird as it may sounds, but ladyboys usually act and look much more feminine than real women. Perhaps because they tend to exaggerate everything.

Deeper Voice – Even with years of training, the deep male vocal will not disappear completely.

Dress Code – Fancy costumes with glitter and feathers should always raise a red flag.

Physical Attributes – Broad shoulders, thick veins, narrow hips straight wrists, wide jaws, Adam’s apple and square chin are all male’s physical attributes that are very difficult to hide. Make sure you check them out if you hesitate about the girl you meet.

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