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Pattaya Thailand Walking Street

Pattaya nightlife is world’s famous, and it’s one of the main attractions for visitors when visiting Thailand. You can find nightlife venues all over Pattaya, but there is a place where you can find hundreds of nightlife venues of different kinds in one area, this place is called the Walking Street.

Pattaya Thailand Walking Street really offers an unforgettable experience, even if you’re not really into doing wild parties. This place becomes very much alive when the night falls, starting from 18:00 pm no vehicles are allowed to pass, so the street are strictly for people only, that’s also why this area is called the walking street. So every night starting from 18:00 this area will be full of people seeking for a night full of fun.

To get to this place just take a cab, every driver in town knows where it is. The first time you visit Pattaya Thailand Walking Street you might be a bit overwhelmed with the sheer options you have, all the colorful neon lights, the sexy ladies calling you trying to lure you into their venues and all the different kinds of nightlife entertainment to choose from. Fortunately, this place is not just about wild parties and naughty entertainment, there are also some great restaurants and eateries. So you can ease your way in to this party zone.

While you’re observing your options it’s a great idea if you hang around one of the beer bars that scatter all over the Walking Street. The drinks in these bars are pretty cheap when compared to other venues in the area, they usually also have bar girls that can accompany you and probably help you pick the right place to go.

Classy international restaurants, open air bars, go go bars, live music, nightclubs, cabaret shows, and more, you find just about anything when it comes to nightlife entertainment in this place. However, from all those different types of venues, go go bars are probably the type of venue that are most notable on Walking Street. In fact, many travelers from abroad come to Pattaya just to experience partying in these go go bars.

Bar Girls in Pattaya


There are probably more than a hundred go go bars on Walking Street, so if you have never been to this kind of venue before, Walking Street is a nice place to start. The staff are mostly really friendly here and the price of the drinks are relatively cheaper than go go bars in other parts of the country.

Here are some of the best venues you can find on Walking Street:

Hot Tuna Bar – It’s a great place if you want to find a cozy place to drink while enjoying live music without too much of a party atmosphere.

Beach Club Agogo – Located at the beach road end, this club has a really bright color, it’s quite small but it has great drinks with reasonable prices and lotd of beautiful girls.

Club Insomnia – This club got its name due to its late hour closing, in fact this is one of the last bars that close its door in Pattaya. It’s a huge club that can host hundreds of people at once with a big central stage and laser lights.

Club Misty’s – This is one of the oldest go go bars in Pattaya Thailand Walking Street which was open about 20 years ago. It’s also the first hi-tech agogo bar in the area.

Lucifer 2.0 – One of the most popular clubs in Pattaya. It has a great atmosphere with excellent entertainment performed by international DJs and live bands.

8o8 Club – Located on top of the famous Candy Shop, 8o8 Club is a nice place to keep partying until the sun comes up.

iBar Pattaya – A bar with a great design, it has two zones; the bar and the terrace. It plays various music like hip hop, house and others.

The Stones House – An exciting live music venue with a great bar and friendly staff. It really stands out with a building shaped like a stone church.

Virgins – This is one of the high end clubs on Walking Street offering sexy shows performed by sexy East European ladies. It also has VIP rooms, karaoke and Jacuzzi.

Rolling Live – Another great live music venue opened more than a decade ago. It has some great bands playing every night.

Galaxy Club – This is another high end club with European girls. Expect to pay more for your drinks because the prices here are more expensive compared to other clubs on Walking Street.

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