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The Best Pattaya Bars To Your Vacation Nights

Pattaya really deserves its international reputation as a nightlife destination. Since the rise of tourism in the mid 70s, this area has emerged to become the party town where local and international travellers are seeking for endless fun. Nightlife spots can be found in every part of the region, even though in some parts you can find more venues than others, like the Walking Street, which is the center of nightlife entertainment in Pattaya. The form of nightlife entertainment can be found here also varies, from discos, cabaret shows, live bands, international DJs, and all kinds of bars from the naughty go go bars to classy rooftop bars.

With so many forms of nightlife entertainment in the area, Pattaya bars remain the most popular type of nightlife spot where people choose to spend their vacation nights. When it comes to Pattaya bars, you can never run out of options, there are various different bars suitable for different people with different needs.

Beer Bars

There are hundreds of them scattered all over the town, they are cheap and loud, but offer a lot of fun. Beer bars are really the veins of Pattaya nightlife, many travellers come to this town just to get a taste of these beer bars.

Many of these bars are taking place in enclosed shop houses and many others are in open-plan sheds. However, they all look and feel quite similar, they are loud, incredibly colorful with bright neon lights and relatively cheap.

Most of these bars start to open around midday and mostly they serve beers for about 50 baht, especially in happy hours. You will find many attractive hostesses in every bar luring you in and then flirt with you while serving beers.

Go Go Bars

Mostly clustered on Walking Street, these naughty bars are suitable for those who seek some sexy entertainment while enjoying drinks. These bars come in many different shapes and sizes with typical elements that include a central stage with a Jacuzzi, shower show or pole dancing items, seating that’s facing the stage, and of course a bar.

As the music starts a group of sexy dancers will come out and perform on stage, every few songs played a new group of dancers will take the stage while the girls from the previous group usually will mingle with the crowd.


Rooftop Bars

If you prefer to enjoy your drinks in a more relaxing environment without loud music and hostesses trying to make you spend more and more money on lady’s drink, then Pattaya also have a lot of nice rooftop bars with classy setup. Rooftop bars are a perfect place for you to enjoy the view, watching the breath-taking Pattaya sunset while sipping your cocktail will be one of your best memories during your trip to Pattaya. Not only you can enjoy the view of the beautiful coastline, but the town itself provides an interesting view with a blend of new and old buildings and colorful lights at night.

Rooftop bars in Pattaya are not only serving great drinks and great atmosphere with fantastic view, but usually they also serve great foods. A few of the best rooftop bars you can find in Pattaya are:

Horizon Bar & Restaurant – Located on the 34th floor of Hilton Pattaya it offers and unmatched view of the town and its wonderful coastline. This is probably the most popular bar when it comes to enjoying sunset. From 17:00 to 19:00 they offer 2 for 1 cocktails and they also serve 5-star fusion food.

The Roof Sky Bar & Restaurant – Located on the 24th floor of the Siam@Siam Design Hotel, this is a beautiful bar with super elegant design. One of the main attractions of this bar is it’s a la carte menu of international food. You can also enjoy 360 degree views of Naklua and Pattaya from this place.

DIB – Located on the 38th floor of D Varee Jomtien Beach, this bar offers a great view of the Jomtien Beach. They serve various imported wines and beers with a lively atmosphere.


Ladyboy Bars

There is really something for everybody in Pattaya, being widely known for its huge transgender community, Pattaya also has many ladyboy bars. There are generally two types of ladyboy bars in Pattaya; those that perform family-friendly shows and others that are strictly adult. Usually the for of entertainment in these bars is a cabaret show, even though there are also other types of entertainment especially in the “adult-only” ladyboy bar.


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